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Mother's Day: The History

Every year, we celebrate Mother's Day with flowers, cards, and heartfelt thanks. But have you ever wondered how this day came to be? In the latest episode of 'Behind the News: The Briefing Podcast', host Alicia Marie Phidd provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of Mother's Day.

The journey begins in 1876 with a public prayer from Anna Jarvis's mother, who expressed a desire for mothers to be recognized for their service to the community and their role in family life. Following her mother's death in 1905, Anna Jarvis embarked on a mission to fulfill her mother's wishes. Her relentless campaign to honor mothers led to President Woodrow Wilson declaring Mother's Day a national holiday in 1914.AMPGEMS ALICIA MARIE PHIDD

Alicia Marie Phidd's storytelling brings to light the determination and love that fueled the creation of Mother's Day. The episode is not only informative but also a tribute to the bond between mothers and their children. It's a reminder of the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices and love that mothers give every day.

As you listen to the podcast, you'll be transported to the early 20th century, witnessing the passion and dedication of Anna Jarvis. It's a story that resonates with everyone, reminding us to appreciate the women who have shaped our lives.

So, this Mother's Day, why not do something different? Take a moment to understand the historical significance of the day. Listen to 'Behind the News: The Briefing Podcast' and share the episode with your loved ones. It's a unique way to celebrate and a chance to connect over the shared history of this special holiday.

The podcast also offers an opportunity for listeners to become part of the community. By liking, commenting, and donating on Spotify, or joining the Briefing Lion community on Patreon, you can support the show and engage with fellow history enthusiasts.

As Alicia Marie Phidd  says in her closing remarks, "I look forward to roaring with you soon. Happy Mother's Day, everybody." So, tune in, reflect on the meaning of Mother's Day, and join a community that values the power of history and storytelling.


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